Strategies For Online Roulette

Receive tips at the best casinoportal! Go to the casino en ligne francais page at! Online roulette does not require much skill; the game is more inclined towards luck rather that strategy. The wheel used in roulette has thirty seven pockets, if one is playing using a European wheel; the American wheel has thirty-eight pockets. Strategies for online roulette mainly have to do with the centrifugal force and momentum. If a player masters these two principles they are able to play the game with ease. The wheel spins and marble spins both spin in different directions and then land on a colored pocket that is numbered. The marble is usually changed after every 8 hours, so that no pattern is able to affect the outcome. After the marble is changed there is no longer a pattern and even though a players bets on a specific number once or even twice the odds of him winning remain unchanged.

The European wheel gives a player a greater chance to win because it has thirty seven pockets, which in turn means that the house edge is lower. The pockets in the European wheel are red and black. They all have thirty six numbers, the zero is green. The American wheel uses a similar principal the only difference is that it has an extra pocket which is green in color and is marked double zero.

Whether you choose to play in a land based casino or online, the best roulette to play is the European version. Strategies for online roulette are similar in both online and land based casinos. The European version is player friendly since the thirty seven cards increases your odds of winning. If you do not reside in Europe you donÂ't need to worry because this version is available online and be accessed outside Europe.

There are many types of bets one can make when playing roulette some of them include; inside bet, outside bet, dozen and money bet. ItÂ's important for you to familiarize yourself with all these bets before you begin playing. As much as strategies for online roulette exist, the game does not have many tricks and luck is enough to make you win.

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